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    Our mission

    Our mission

    Rexel's mission is to support its customers - in residential, non-residential as well as industrial markets – to be at their best in running their business, by providing a broad range of sustainable and innovative products, services and solutions in the field of technical supply, automation and energy management related to construction, renovation, maintenance and production.

    Our history

    Rexel is a global expert in the distribution of electrical supplies and services, serving three main end markets: industrial, commercial and residential. In pursuit of helping to build a more energy efficient China, Rexel entered the vast land of the East in 2000. After 15 years development, Rexel is a leading distributer of electrical supplies and services in China today, providing diverse industrial automation products and solutions to OEMs and end users through its nine entities with 67 locations across China. 

    • July, 2000
      Hailongxing joined in Rexel
    • May, 2006
      Hualian joined in Rexel
    • March, 2007
      Huazhang joined in Rexel
    • Feb., 2009
      Suhua joined in Rexel
    • Feb., 2009
      Suzhou Xidian joined in Rexel
    • Dec., 2010
      Luckywell joined in Rexel
    • Feb., 2011
      Rockcenter joined in Rexel
    • May, 2011
      Beijing Zhongheng joined in Rexel
    • July, 2014
      Ouneng joined in Rexel
    • Nov., 2014
      Maxqueen joined in Rexel
    • August, 2015
      Zhonghao joined in Rexel

    Part of Rexel group

    Rexel, an expert in the professional distribution of products and services for the energy world, addresses three main markets - industrial, commercial and residential. The Group supports customers around the globe, wherever they are, to create value and run their businesses better. With a network of some 2,100 branches in 35 countries, and c. 28,000 employees, Rexel’s sales were RMB 104.5bn (€13.3 billion) in 2018.


    Rexel is listed on the Eurolist market of Euronext Paris (compartment A, ticker RXL, ISIN code FR0010451203). It is included in the following indices: SBF 120, CAC Mid 100, CAC AllTrade, CAC AllShares, FTSE EuroMid, STOXX600. Rexel is also part of the following SRI indices: DJSI Europe, FTSE4Good Europe & Global, STOXX Europe Sustainability, EURO STOXX Sustainability, Euronext Vigeo Europe 120 and ESI Excellence Europe. Finally, Rexel is included on the Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Registers in recognition of its performance in corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

    For more information, visit Rexel’s web site at www.rexel.com.


    • 755


    • 49 BRANCHES

      IN CHINA

    • 5


    • 40,000


    • 2


    • 25,000



    Rexel group officially released REXEL 2020 STRATEGIC ROADMAP on February 11th, 2016. The roadmap specifies Rexel Ambitions, clarifies four Business Imperatives for profitable growth, and explains the Targets.

    • Building on a market-leading position to seize growth opportunities

      In recent years, Rexel has significantly invested and reinforced its commercial and operational capabilities, thus creating a unique platform to capitalize on new trends, technologies and applications:
       · the energy transition is generating a broad spectrum of new business opportunities along the value chain,
       · the Internet of Things is turning connectivity into a converging space of new digitally powered solutions,
       · and the drivers of urbanization are changing the landscape of building renovation and new construction.

    • Implementing a differentiating customer-centric strategy

      Rexel has been turning from a branch-centric to a truly customer-centric multi-channel business model designed around specific customer segments. This leads to higher contact frequency with customers at multiple touch points as well as higher transaction value and better service levels, with increasingly connected customers. Meanwhile, Rexel is a multi-specialist value-added partner, serving the market in a differentiated way through six distinct Customer Delivery Models


    • Driving innovation in marketing, digital, and operations

      Innovation is now a critical success factor and this heightened focus will be reflected in Rexel capital expenditure on:
       · Marketing: offer new value propositions, industrial automation solutions, as well as its investments in value-based pricing and project management systems
       · Digital: develop digitally powered multi-channel business model via the e-business platform, and develop new tools (eg. SmartVan) to improve our customers productivity
       · Operations: optimize back-office and supply chain performance and provide differentiating logistics services thanks to the new IT and logistics structure

    • Accelerating profitable growth through targeted M&A

      Capitalizing on its track record of acquiring and integrating bolt-on acquisitions (24 acquisitions since 2012 ie. €1.2bn in acquired sales), Rexel will implement a two-pronged M&A strategy aimed at:
       · Expanding into new growth areas and/or adjacencies,
       · Strengthening its position and/or leveraging scale in core markets. Rexel targets accretive acquisitions over the 2016-2020 period.



      Making people an integral part of Rexel China values and practices is one of its fundamental principles


      Rexel China is involved in corporate philanthropic actions and upholds its commitment to local communities


      By helping its customers consume less and better, Rexel is putting sustainable development at the core of its business.