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  • 藍格賽中國自有工業用品電商平臺“藍格賽商城”正式上線運營

    On December 12, 2019, Rexel China's Self-owned industrial E-commerce platform, "Rexel Mall" (www.rexelmall.com.cn), was officially launched on the PC end and WeChat mini programs. Rexel Mall aims to provide customers with high-quality B2B Customer Experiences and professional technical services through digital online solutions, fully automation shopping process, multi-payment method, anytime anywhere customer services experiences & full range multi-branding product portfolio to fulfill every customer needs.

    Rexel news

     In the past 10 years, E-commerce has become more and more popular in the Chinese B2C market and is playing an increasingly important role. This trend has expanded to the industrial B2B market. The domestic industrial product procurement market has a trillion-scale scale and is on an upward trend (see the figure below). The domestic industrial product e-commerce industry is hot and has great potential. Many industrial product-related companies have begun to pay attention to e-commerce and test water and electricity providers. Rexel China's leadership is also keenly aware that digitization and e-commerce are the inevitable guide for future enterprise development, and put forward the requirements to accelerate the development of Rexel's e-commerce business in China. After nearly 20 years of continuous growth in China, Rexel has become one of the important market participants of domestic electrical product and service distributors. It has many first-line industrial product brand licenses and abundant product choices for the industrial market. , System solutions and high value-added and quality service experience, and Rexel China has also established two first-class distribution centers in North and East China, which can provide users with high-quality supply chain services. The IT technical team has also established a mature electronic platform for customer information, order transactions, and warehouse management, all of which will help Rexel Mall realize its commitment to customers.

    The launch of Rexel Mall is just the starting point for the development of our e-commerce business. In the future, Rexel Mall will continue to enrich and improve the products and product information of the mall, formulate reasonable product price strategies, and provide more diverse and professional Customer service, tapping more real customers, helping Rexel China business development, and accelerating Rexel China's digitalization process!